Work In Progress

Royals, Loyals, & the Underhanded (Tentative Name)
– Roll some dice, collect some resources, place some bets, fight a dragon, outwit your opponents, for the first to build up enough reputation will take the Title. Are you a Royal, a Loyal, or just plain Underhanded ?


Smith Craft (Tentative Name)
– Forge your way into riches as you complete contracts and repairs for your potential customers.




Tower of Dice (Tentative Name) – Roll some dice,Build a tower, Become the King!



Magnaball (Tentative Name) – A brutal, futuristic, electro-powered sports game.


Jungle Hijinx (Tentative Name)
– Emerge from the jungle with a weapon and an ability. Make it back to the village with the most Bananas to win !


 (Tentative Name) – Delve deep into the Lair, but not too deep or risk the wrath of the Minotaur!



Treasure Snatch (Tentative Name) – Its a race to snatch as many gems as possible, from the chest or the other players.