Head Chef


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Head Chef

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Head Chef is a family friendly, food fueled race to become the most famous cook in town!

During the game you will be cooking tasty food and amassing points of fame as you journey your way through from Food Truck cook, to Restaurant Head Chef !

  • Each turn you have 4 actions you can perform, selecting the right action at the right time will be the key to taking the lead. (Action Selection)
  • While picking up Ingredients off the deck you will be forming sets to use when making food. (Set Collection)
  • Carrying too many of these ingredients will overstock your fridge (hand) and you will have to discard some that can be bought by other players, choosing which ones can sometimes be a tricky decision. (Hand Management)

  • As you progress through the game you will have to decide when the set collecting stops, and when the cooking begins, but don’t spend too long trying to fish out that last ingredient, you may not be so lucky. (Push your luck)

  • If things are just not going your way all hope is not lost, dig deep into your power cards to help even the score with the other players and mitigate some of that bad luck (Take That) … because in Head Chef you’re not out until its over !