Developer Diary – Head Chef

A recount of the games humble beginnings, the reactions of its play testers, the design problems faced and how they were attempted to be resolved. It will give you a good insight into the games inner workings and what makes the game unique!




Episode 1: An Introduction to Head Chef.
Find out what started it all, what Version 1 was like, and how well it was received in play testing sessions.

Episode 2: The need for speed.
Initial play testing, what needed fixing?

Episode 3: Still playing catch-up ?
With the new changes, how did Head Chef: Version 2 perform ?

Episode 4: Hollow but not empty.
Version 3 showed great evolution, but did it also fix the fundamental issues?

Episode 5: The silver lining.
Wait… Did that just happen?

Episode 6: Whats next ?
What are we working on now?