Episode 6: Whats Next?

What are we working on now?
With the games core mechanics solidified and the game running smoothly in all player counts (1-4), we have moved onto the final alterations, Kickstarter budget checks, shipping, stretch goals, overall game quality, and as always ongoing play testing.

Alterations: So there is one last rule I would like to add that is not in the current version of the rule book. It covers a rare situation where a players luck in drawing cards is worse than winning the lotto. Trading duplicate ingredients, where any 3 of a kind of ingredient can be traded for 1 point of fame.

Stretch Goals: Ok so these can be dangerous as you have to ensure you don’t push out the cost of the finished product too much that its pledge no longer pays for itself. At the moment all planned stretch goals include component upgrades and possible additions to the base game. As with any campaign to be funded is the ultimate goal. Some are able to do this in a day, a week, some scrape through at the end, and unfortunately some never quite get there. But to unlock stretch goals can make a good game a great game, so if you do back the game and would like to receive the best quality and content it can be, share the campaign to let other people know about the project!

Shipping: Of course free worldwide shipping is always favorable, there are regions that will cost more than others and some that will incur taxes on top of shipping. These will be mitigated as best as possible to give backers the lowest possible price.

Game Quality: Head Chef is currently going through a face lift. Unfortunately that means review copies had to be sent out with prototype art, while functional and pleasant, it is far from the polished look we are working towards. Prototype game art used can be seen on the front page of this website and in the current rule book. New card designs will be announced and the site updates once complete… stay tuned.

Play testing: Play testing never stops, each play through presents a new experience. Adding to these experiences show what works and what doesn’t, and we want Head Chef to be the most fun it can be.

If you made it this far, my sincerest thank you for reading our story. I hope you enjoyed it and that it did what it set out to do, that is, to give you an insight on the development and evolution of Head Chef from its initial designs to the fun, colourful, family friendly game it has become today. I hope I can count on your support to make this a successful kickstarter campaign. For any questions or even ideas on the game you would like to put forward please don’t hesitate to contact me at admin@cstargames.com. It is never too late to improve what Head Chef currently is !

Oh and if you are in Sydney and would like to play the game, with myself even, drop me an email and we can try to tee something up. I would be honored to give you the opportunity to play it before release !



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