Episode 3: Still playing catch-up ?

V2 Play testing:
The revised ingredient card frequency and starting hand helped speed up the game, as did the extra action per turn.
Increasing the upgrade card frequency definitely helped fix  the trailing players, but at the same time also helped the leading player progress sooner. It also introduced a new issue, adding too many un-needed cards to players hands, in turn slowing the game down for everyone.There were still rare cases where it forced players lagging behind to fall even further behind.
This was another failed attempt at catch up mechanics that had to be majorly rethought or removed all together.
The added ability cards helped give the game a little more depth as you had to earn them by spending your money. While this was a great addition to the complexity of the game, spending your money slowed down the game once more.
The cost of the food was unrealistic to the point where people criticized the game for it (a $45 burger?). It did not resonate with players and not only did I agree with them, I knew how to fix it.
V2 was still plagued by pacing issues, a broken catch up system, and unbelievable thematic elements.

V3 Changes :
– 3 more abilities were added to the game and they were distributed to players character cards for free use, instead of being add-ons you had to purchase. They were thematic to the game and added some charm and character to the game.
– A team and single player mode was created.
– Discarded cards now go to a leftovers pile instead of being discarded. These leftovers can be bought by other players for one action.

V3 stood a chance of fixing some of the games problems, it was also the first big evolutionary step towards making the game more enjoyable to play.
But was it enough? Check out next episode to find out.

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