In Head Chef you collect ingredients to cook tasty food … So tasty that cooking this food will make you famous !

Making this food will gain you points of fame.

Once you gain enough fame you can upgrade your little food truck to a trendy cafe, but if you can keep that kitchen burning the mayor will surely recognise you for your popularity, allowing you to become the Head Chef of the town’s one and only gourmet restaurant !


In addition to cooking food, as one of the townspeople, you bring with you your past experiences, giving you a unique ability for you to master.

Each player will also have a set of 6 power cards that can be used to either disrupt other players, or give yourself a much needed boost. Make sure you choose carefully when to use them, as they can only be used once !

Manage all of this, and you will agree … Victory never tasted so good !

Game Summary:

Each player starts with a character card that comes with their own unique ability, this will ensure each game is different from the last as you experiment to find the best way to make use of your ability to reach your goal, while also trying to stop your opponents master plans.

Each player has 4 actions per round. These can be any combination of:
1. Pick an Ingredient card from the ingredient deck.
2. Play a Food (combination of ingredients) from your hand to earn points of Fame.
3. Play a Power card to either disrupt other players, or give you a boost.
4. Play 2 like ingredients to the trash for 1 Fame (Trade).
5. Buy a leftover card.

Players are limited to 4 cards in hand at the end of their turn, so any extra are discarded to the leftovers pile. These leftovers can be bought by other players for the cost of 1 action token, so be careful what you discard !

Once a player has 10 points of fame they must upgrade their food truck to a cafe at the permanent cost of 1 action token, this leaves them with 3 actions per round for the rest of the game as the cafe will require setup (tables and chairs) each round. Once a player reaches 20 points of fame, they will be able to be promoted to the Head Chef of the restaurant for the cost of 2 action tokens.

The first player to hit the restaurant will become the Head Chef!